I am a young Muslim freelance writer, born ‘93 in Bauchi. I enjoy creativity, and have a knack for remarkable stuff in tech, entrepreneurship, online marketing, eco-friendliness, branding and design. I dabble in poetry, and in my free time build electronics.

A content creator and copywriter based in Bauchi-Nigeria, I write content for blogs, startups and ecommerce businesses to satisfy their marketing needs, I can equally do same for you (or your business). I have written quite a few articles related to Instagram marketing, Shopify ecommerce, social listening, B2C marketing, branding and so on. I understand the need to appeal to a certain demographic or target audience and so create content that matches with those demands.

Content I create are easy to understand by average readers, SEO friendly and generate a generous traffic, and are highly researched.



Let’s Work Together

I specialize in writing blog posts, so I will help you create attractive and SEO rich content suitable for engaging customers on your website, one that will convince them to TAKE ACTION. Something relevant to your target market.

Depending on what you want, it could be a simple article or set of articles for your blog to enrich it or could be a smart marketing web copy for a good or service on the website.

Obviously, you don’t pay me to write, you pay me to satisfy a marketing need.



You Wanna Read A Sample Blog Post

Check out some of my work on medium and my website youngemirates.com, I have topics such as Copywriting Like a Philosophical Dude'[1] and I Just Realised I am not Gangster Enough'[2] lined up there. My article ‘How to Start Turkey Rearing in Nigeria’ from wealthresult.com is topping google search results. Read more.

The traffic aspect is important but I worry more about the ‘quality’ of content I create for clients.

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., let’s talk.

What People Are Saying

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