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How To Start A Clothing Accessories Business In Nigeria

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The clothing industry is one of the industries that thrive in the business world, it does well because getting clothed is part of the primary needs of survival, besides feeding and shelter. People will always wear clothes, it is a demand that won’t slow down anytime soon. Along with regular clothes people wear accessories such as caps, wristbands, gele and so on for fashion or to serve a purpose like fastening clothes like the way belts or cufflinks do.


This business guide is more or less for girls, wishing to start their own business. It is designed for stay-at-home teenagers and students, preferably at the tertiary level, but of course its use could extend much beyond that. The products listed here are all feminine products, clothing accessories worn by women, they include things that will appeal to female adolescents.


Since the world of fashion is always evolving you will have to keep pace with all the latest trends in order to continue to attract customers.


List of Products


The products listed here are ones most popularly sold in the Nigerian market and the most likely to be bought by teenagers. But as we mentioned above things change pretty fast in the fashion world, what was hot today could be a thing of the past tomorrow. However there are products that are basic essentials and do not go that easily and some that need to be chipped in when they are trending in the market before their time ultimately passes.


We took the liberty of breaking down the clothing accessories into three groups, the major essentials everyone needs we call ‘basic accessories’, and then there are those accessories people wear as extras for fashion, they are not necessarily serving a purpose. And then finally the big accessories, these are best brought in when you feel comfortable with the business and want to move on, or you have enough funds to carry out their sales. But it is advisable to start with the small stuff.


Basic Accessories                            Extra Accessories                          Big Accessories


Gele                                                 Jewellery                                          Abaya

Women caps                                    Watches                                           Ankara textiles

Scarve                                              Fashion Glasses                             Textile materials

Purse                                                Ribbons                                           Sweaters

Mini Handbags                                 Hair pins                                           Dress

Mini hijabs                                        Handkerchief                                    Hijab (full size)

Shoes & slippers                              Bracelets                                          etc.

Undergarments                                Niqab

Tote bags                                         Socks


How To Go About It


The business revolves around buying at wholesale and selling at a profit. You can buy from either of these options; at the market, from dealers of the clothing accessories, from those more rooted in the same business, and through online order. Each of these methods require that at whatever price you buy you sell at a higher price i.e. retail, not ridiculously high of course but in a way that will sustain the business, that is at a competitive price (meaning the price others in the business are selling it) so that you don’t drive away customers or undersell yourself. But of the options ordering online is the most expensive and may only be required for rare accessories or when a customer places a personal order to you.


What You Need


The primary tools you will need to run this business in the school or homely environment are these;


  1. A Bag


A bag will come in handy in packing your goods to show to your friends and colleagues during your breaks from class/work and whenever the opportunity presents itself. The bag should be easy to carry around and big enough to carry a number of the items you sell, not necessarily all of them.


  1. Smartphone


An android phone is the backbone of your business, because it is your main marketing tool. You use it to manage your social media accounts, to post pictures of your products and communicate with your customers. It cement’s your online presence.


  1. Security


At this early stage the security one should be most concerned of is of the simple theft kind. Your bag must have a zip or any form of fastening so that it could be closed at all times. Take serious safety precautions against theft, always know where you left the bag and other accessories, the room/cabinet where you keep your merchandise should have a lock, and don’t walk around at late hours to name a few.


Business Capital and Expenses


Because of the variety of different products, we will only be listing a few, the most likely to attract customers and in high demand. And it all depends on the person’s capital, you can buy more than is listed here or a little less than that to start.


The table below consists of an estimate of the total capital cost for the clothes accessories business, appropriately strike off items you already own and feel free to add as much as your budget will allow.



Item Name


No. Of Item

Cost (Naira)


For carrying around the merchandise.




For securing cabinets, rooms, wardrobes, etc.




A simple android 4.0 or higher phone, suggested models; Gionee M2, Tecno W2, Tecno WX3, Infinix Hot 5 Lite, etc.








Knitted turban women’s cap.




The often long scarf-like head covering popularly worn by the Hausas.



Mini Hijab

Small size head kerchief.



Simple earrings

Different styles.








Different styles, include slippers, flip-flops, heeled and women cover shoes etc.




Such as pants, bras etc. Different sizes and shapes, pack of 8/12.




Different styles.





Total =



Recharge card

For placing calls with customers. Weekly sum.



Internet data

For interaction on Whatsapp and other social media platforms, to cement your online presence. Weekly sum.



Transport money

Estimate for trips to market and back for purchasing merchandise.





Total =



NB: So excluding the android phone from the list on the assumption you have one already, the overall capital cost is below N50,000 Naira.




An effort has to be made to market your products, especially at the early stages. You have to advertise each and every day. This lets people know you are selling, and would prompt them to buy from you. Once enough people are aware, you could then slow down the marketing effort but remember it is a continuous process, marketing cannot be seized, else coca-cola would have been the first to stop advertising, since everyone knows about them.


The major reasons for marketing these products are:


  • To reach out to new customers.
  • To remind old customers you are still there.
  • To announce of new arrivals.
  • And to advertise your current stock.


The easiest most effective way to do this is via social media, Instagram should be the first choice followed by Whatsapp and Facebook. These platforms let you reach an incredible number of potential customers within your demographic. Your Whatsapp status is perhaps the most effective means of converting sales, meaning of reaching and getting customers that buy, because you communicate directly and most of them must have known you already, there is a level of trust.


On Instagram you have to come up with interesting captions every time you post, but they don’t have to be elaborate, it could simply be the product info. Here’s an example, “Buy your red soft fabric scarf, quality elastic material.” In the caption always include the price and your contact information. So the complete caption would be something like;


“Buy your red soft fabric scarf, quality elastic material. Price: N1,300    Dm me or whatsapp this number if interested 0809989***1”


Note, you input your full number of course.


Another important thing is you restock as fast as possible because people would always come asking, and when they don’t find what they are looking for they go to other places. But it doesn’t mean you will have to provide everything they need, just stick to what you are most known with. You take note of the most trending products and strive to always make them available to your customers.


Once you have a number of patronisers there is however one very bad omen this business holds, and you will have to learn how to handle it, debt. It is unavoidable you just have to find a way to collect from your debtors unfailingly, and keep a very small debt sheet.


Broader marketing techniques exist but you will rarely need them at the early stages and will require a more extensive read, some examples include organising contests, paid facebook ads, PR stunts and so on. Just be creative when reaching out to people, you don’t have to do stuff the way it’s been always done.


Brief Summary


Capital to start business: N48,600 (excluding android phone)

Monthly expenditures: N2,600

Potential customers: Teenagers.

Profit margin: 26%

Suitable location: Homely or school environment.

Business hours: All the time.

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