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Bauchi Boss Ladies To Benefit From One Day Of Extensive Business Masterclass

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On the 30th of this month September, a big event is looming its head to Bauchi state. Big not in the sense that stadiums will have no where you could fit, but the ‘moving Bauchi and the entire northern sector of the country forward’ kind of big.

The state has had its fair share of business related events held at different intervals this same year. But this categorically stands out from the fun fairs and entertainment shenanigans Bauchi has gotten used to this past year.

Introducing ‘The Brief Bauchi’, a female only business class course that will cover topics that have been bottleneck issues for women in the SME sector. The founder of the course also the founder and CEO of Lumo Naturals a beauty hair care solution based in Abuja, Farida Yahya is a well known advocate on environmental sustainability issues and the growing of economic strength of Northern Nigeria, through innovative and sustainable means.

Farida Yahya, founder Lumo naturals.

In this particular course women will be learning such highly sought after subject-matters business owners are desperate to know about and how to implement them, such as branding or marketing research for example. Having or acquiring knowledge of these business intricacies of the 21st century is especially a problem in northern Nigeria, with lots of its people still trying to grasp this economic progression coupled with being brought up through Nigeria’s poor educational system, solutions such as these The Brief Bauchi is a relief for everyone running a business or that has an idea for one.

The Brief has previously been held in Kano, probably the first edition of the event, now coming down on Bauchi populace full force. According to an Instagram post from two days ago by Farida Yahya herself she said,

“The brief is a one day extensive masterclass that will look at all key components of your startup: from investor portfolio, to operation outlines, to hiring right, to keeping your team motivated, to pricing strategy and financial modules to support expansion.”

Her masterclass courses usually take a corporate setting, comfy chairs and desks, and lots of great visuals from projector image slideshows, the course is specifically targeting new businesses that are 2 years old or less. The event will be held at Uplift Hub Bauchi. To join the class, one has to register via a link she provided on her Instagram bio or you can click here to register, pricing and payment details are provided in the link.

A registered attendee of the event.

It is a great deal and honour to have such an opportunity knocking on my own front door (Bauchi), I personally find it very very difficult not to sneak in undercover and pretend my name is ‘Hafzah’.

Registration is still open, but I will still advice a swift action to register because the seats are limited. Good luck, boss ladies.

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