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Northern Nigeria Is Becoming A Cesspool For Poor Entertainment

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Am pretty sure Dan Fodio is rolling in his grave, as we dance and take delight in really awfully produced Hausa tunes. Terrible beat choices, terrible video, terrible playback and lately coupled with some really agonising animation. Don’t even ask about the singing skills of the performers . . . terrible.

The Arewa we know of today was built after a lot of sacrifice, it took a migration, some battles and overcoming maddening resistance before it was what it is today, but thanks to our efforts, or lack thereof, it is reduced to nothing but ridiculous entertainment charades.

We pat our kid’s backs for tomfoolery on social media, give out awards for ‘hausa raps’, recognition in morally deranged dramas with special effects that would make you cringe. You know, if we are going to do this, bringing Arewa to a mere dancing industry, let’s at least do it with a semblance of intelligence.

For now the main focus seems to be on these garbage media content that is being circulated and going viral in Hausa online communities, but there are those doing actual work towards making us a better civilisation and not only a poor entertainment campsite, special thumbs up to all the creative/startup hubs out there.

That is one, two, where have we left the Quran, what happened to the Sunnah, of our beloved prophet (SAW). Everyone knows what is showing today in all of these entertainment broadcasts is in complete and utter defiance to the prophet’s (SAW) teachings. Islam recognises art, recognises the culture of a people, and recognises artists, as long as the substance of their art or entertainment is well within the borders of Islam. Show some respect, some moral aptitude, and all’s good.

But we have gone chasing after those that make explicit content, have the wrong dressing choices and say we follow them. We have a heritage, a long interesting one, historically rich and that has the capability to thrive economically. But instead we all opt for poor jams.

Sometimes art changes forms, and what was once seen as bad could be good today, graffiti for instance, it used to be done by gang affiliated, drug inducing people, but today it is harmless painting. There is no wrong in showcasing an idea using graffiti, wearing t-shirts with graffiti designs and so on as long as it doesn’t read something vulgar or inappropriate. We will need that kind of innovation in the arts to move forward in the industry, wasn’t proposing we go back to the kalangu and other ancient drumming instrument, NO, because yet again my skin will cringe if I hear that.

So we may not get rid of hausa drama but we surely can use it to improve our lives, spread our values, teachings, history, art, culture and of course to simply entertain ourselves. It will be so much better if we attach common sense and professionalism to our productions, and of course good religious manners too. Raise the standards and see real artistes soar, and not these jabberwocky copycats.

We have destroyed our values, the values of Northern Nigeria to mean nothing other than these entertainment activities, if you search google for instance entering the keyword ‘arewa’ most of the results you will get are related to entertainment only, at best political misadventures pop in too, arewa tv, arewa videos, arewa dadin kowa and so on, but not arewa startups, arewa schools, arewa conferences or arewa jobs. It’s sad.

Allah (SWT) said:

“Did you think We had created you in play (without any purpose). . . “ [Qur23:115]

Fun is good, fun is awesome, but comes after we have worked tirelessly towards implementing an economic system and a just ruling system, etc. at the end of the day. And we should at least put some work into our productions, jeez.

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Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud

Hafiz Mukhtar is a Muslim freelance writer and blogger, born in 1993 in Bauchi-Nigeria. His work focuses on content writing for blogs and startups. He is a techie, enthusiastic about developing and building Arewa, through smart, innovative, and sustainable means. Instagram: @reallyhafiz.

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