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From Corper To Gold: My Naija Corper Transformation Story

Written by Suleiman Ibrahim
From Corper To Gold: My Naija Corper Transformation Story Image Source The Bridge Project

Early Saturday morning on the 31st of August, a meeting of bright young minds was held at Be Better Center Gudu-Abuja, which I was privileged to be a part of. The program, organized by The Bridge Project and headed by the industrious Omagbitse Barrow consisted of a training for 20 NYSC members. The objective was primarily to help train young people to transition from school life to work place, and to help us become thought-leaders in our societies. 

During the course of the program we were taught some fundamental truths about success, that one needs to ‘redefine’ success in their lives in order to be truly successful. 

Other lessons I grabbed was that people need to lead and influence themselves and others using models like the emotional intelligence framework, The Values-Based Leadership Model and the Be Better Model, amongst other things. 

While I was at The Bridge Project event.
While I was at The Bridge Project event.

This event The Bridge Project which is part of a five month program was a tremendous success, and for someone like me who has been cooked up all this while in the school curriculum system this program was eye-opening. Being present there was inspiring on and of itself, and part of what intrigued me and challenged my imagination was a game we played called the BE BETTER Board Game. It consists of multiple players whose objective is to travel along a road riddled with obstacles until they reach the end. Whoever got there first wins. It was quite a fun exercise and I think it showcased just how a successful life is, that there is no straight way to success, it is always riddled with obstacles. 

Other activities commenced as well. At the end of the program which lasted about 7 hours, I have learnt very captivating lessons about leadership and core life skills than it would ordinarily take in a very long time.


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