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58 Small Business Ideas You Can Start In Arewa In 2021

Written by Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud
58 Small Business Ideas You Can Start In Arewa In 2021 Photo by Nnaemeka Ugochukwu on Unsplash

If you are interested in starting a small business in Nigeria, but don’t know what exactly, then rummaging online for ideas is your best bet. I have put together a ginormous list of 55 business ideas you can start in Arewa. 

Best Business Ideas To Start In 2021

I categorized the list of small business ideas into four sections, we have the shop business ideas, that is the brick and mortar businesses that need a physical location or a ‘shop’, then we have the work from home business ideas, that is those pertaining to the digital economy such as freelance writing, then we have the service-based business ideas, and finally the agro-business ideas. 

Let’s dive in. 


Shop Business Ideas

1. Phone accessories business

2. Laundry business

3. Barbing saloon

4. Phone repair - instant phone repairs on the spot, you have to be skilled at the job and need tools. 

5. Saloon (for women)

6. Tailoring

7. Clothing accessories

8. Female only clothing accessories

9. Gym

10. Indomie place - by making it more modern and hygienic. 

11. Shawarma place

12. Game center 

13. Public toilet

14. Buy and sell on online platforms - you can start buying products at wholesale price and begin reselling them online at retail price, using platforms such as 

15. Craft - examples include making bags, decorative items, and jewelry. 

16. Typist - typing business is popular in Northern states, usually done with the use of a single laptop. The business involves typing written documents into soft copies. 

17. Food court - this is food sold through vans or shipping containers. 

18. Small restaurant

19. Snack business - like doughnuts and puff puff. 

20. Furniture selling and making

21. Beauty/health products - you can create the products or resell others’ products. 

22. Selling and distributing Eggs

23. Pure water production

24. Laptop repair - and selling of laptop parts, both new and fairly used. 

25. Selling Laptops and Phones

26. Business center - shop for photocopying, scanning and printing, etc. Read an in-depth article on how to start a business center here.

Working From Home Business Ideas


27. Content Writing

28. Copywriting - a type of freelance writing that involves writing a promotional or marketing piece for businesses. Learn more about it here.

29. Social media management

30. Tutoring

31. Graphic design

32. Freelance architect - these are those who studied architecture and offer their services to clients. 

33. Editing/proofreading

34. Developer - this implies coders or app developers, website developers, etc. And all sorts of programmers. 

Service-based Business Ideas


35. Henna artist - you can start with your home as your studio. It is one of the best businesses to start in Arewa in 2021. 

36. Makeup artist

37. Photography

38. Hairstylist/dresser - mai kitso.

39. Keke Napep rider

40. Bike courier service

41. Tutoring center - this involves a physical location (or class) where learners are taught private lessons, especially during WAEC/NECO periods. 

42. Car wash business - learn more about it here.

43. Digital marketing agency - they do branding, online marketing, social and email marketing, etc., For businesses. 

44. Daycare - start a daycare in your community. This business is best in a city or white-collar working community. 

45. Wall painter - both professional and artistic wall painting. 

Agro Business Ideas


46. Fish farming

47. Broilers farming - at the moment this business is not very ideal. High feed cost.

48. Vegetable Garden - you can sell the produce from your garden to consumers or at the market. It is however more profitable to sell directly to the final consumers. 

49. Flower Garden 

50. Turkey rearing

51. Ram rearing

52. Cow rearing

53. Goat farming

54. Meat - sell meat in a modern and hygienic environment. Offer premium services. 

55. Fresh fruit stand - in a modern way. 

56. Awara (Tofu) - fry and sell tofu in a modern way. 

57. Groundnut farming/selling

58. Groundnut oil business


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