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Young Emirates Launches Today

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Finally, The Official Young Emirates Site has been launched today Friday, 23th of April 2018. The website features a blog that strives to bring useful and practical ideas for creatives made up of writers, designers, entrepreneurs, photographers and lots of others to help build

and revolutionize the cultural and business sphere of the typical Hausa man through a Muslim perspective, by employing smart, innovative and sustainable means.

The blog site is the brainchild of Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud, a freelance writer and entrepreneur himself. Not the first attempt by its founder to create the website, he actually used to have a blog with the same name, but those were as he liked to put it ‘the inexperienced days’. Now the current site is a platform for the Young Emirates Brand to assert its presence online, and build its so called ‘creative community’.

The brand consists of a team of super talented youngsters behind it, those making and creating some of the products it will be showcasing in its upcoming store, and those whose invaluable contribution lies in promotion of the brand. With a virtual headquarters in Bauchi Young Emirates will be focusing most of its effort on building arewa, but nonetheless useful to other similar demographics as well.

Frustrated by the lack of general interest of the Hausa folk towards tech and creativity prompted some of the ideals behind the website, it explores talent, and hope to inspire great innovation. As a hub for creatives you can find and connect with like-minded people. They are nerdy, geeky, smart, creative and apparently everything you have been looking for, and to top it all off, the upcoming online store will be sporting all those anime stickers, custom clothing/apparel, etc that used to be impossible to get in conventional stores. Soon the site will be featuring interesting stuff such as contests.

Visit the website’s facebook page to discover more or follow the brand on Instagram @youngemirates.

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Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud

Hafiz is a young Muslim blogger and freelance writer, born ‘93 in Bauchi. He loves creativity and has a fondness for smart tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, eco-friendliness, and design. You can scrutinize his selfies on Instagram @reallyhafiz

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