Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud

Hafiz Mukhtar Mahmud

Hafiz is a young Muslim blogger and freelance writer, born ‘93 in Bauchi. He loves creativity and has a fondness for smart tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, eco-friendliness, and design. You can scrutinize his selfies on Instagram @reallyhafiz

The other day I was at a friend’s house, we were doing some projects together. It was a video project and I was supplying the script, while I dictated the words he wrote them on his diary book, the huge corporate type diaries. Everything was going along fine until my name came up in the script.

It was Thursday afternoon, my favourite day of the week, when I received a call from my cousin Hamida telling me about some writing event that was about to go down.

It was a Talent Show for writers and naturally that peaked my interest.

It is a fascinating time we live in, where knowledge and data is growing at a tremendous rate. Yet, at the same time rife with wars, famine, poverty and other human actions that result in devastating consequences. While this is happening the world over, some had it worse than others, to be specific, the colonized countries suffer the most, our Arewa included. But interestingly, where some saw disasters, others saw instead an opportunity, an opportunity to grow, to adapt and to succeed as businessmen and entrepreneurs.

At really cheap rates, you can get very good and affordable t-shirts that are printed and customized specifically to your taste. Custom t-shirt designs are incredibly popular in Nigeria thanks to everyone’s innate sense of personality and the need to express it.

That sense of personality is what breeds the idea of wanting to own a tshirt that expresses YOU, and what you believe in. Many people personalize it by printing their names on the t-shirts, or by having one for their birthdays or school graduations.

About Me

Hafiz Mukhtar is a Muslim freelance writer and blogger, born in 1993 in Bauchi-Nigeria. His work focuses on content writing for blogs and startups. For 3+ years, he has been in the online marketing industry, learning its tricks, trade secrets, and building and perfecting his blog. 

His work has appeared on business websites in Nigeria and online marketing sites across the world, and lately, in an edu-tech blog. Some of his friends refer to him as the freelancer, a doting reference to his job. 

Hafiz is a techie and an ardent lover of Physics. He was drawn to computer and internet technology from an early age, and is enthusiastic about developing and building Arewa, his native homeland, through smart, innovative, and sustainable means. 

He happens to write poetry and is actually an award-winning poet from a regional competition. Most of his interests lie in writing, but he also dabbles in graphic design, video editing, mobile photography, DIY projects and electrical engineering, and loves to watch fast cars on YouTube. You can reach out to him via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow him on Instagram @reallyhafiz for less intelligible updates about him.


During one very hot day I found myself travelling to an even hotter part of the country, Azare, an arid desert. The folks there will not admit it but it is a freaking village. I and a friend Suleiman were visiting someone and we were going to celebrate the Eid there. I was anticipating the fun.

Our bus was swiftly cutting through the heat waves that seem to look as if they would roast a chicken.

I have never been that excited about school in my life, as I waited anxiously for Monday morning to approach, that has never happened. I was about 10 years old at the time and it was the night prior to showing my teacher the first ever story I wrote, correction, the first ever anything I wrote.

Somewhere around the middle of last year which was around the same time I started Instagram I followed an Instagram profile, it was a photographer’s, I was drawn by his unique talent for capturing moments that share people’s stories and experiences, his photos have this angle that feels creative, out of the box and really

Am pretty sure Dan Fodio is rolling in his grave, as we dance and take delight in really awfully produced Hausa tunes. Terrible beat choices, terrible video, terrible playback and lately coupled with some really agonising animation. Don’t even ask about the singing skills of the performers . . . terrible.

On the 30th of this month September, a big event is looming its head to Bauchi state. Big not in the sense that stadiums will have no where you could fit, but the ‘moving Bauchi and the entire northern sector of the country forward’ kind of big.

The state has had its fair share of business related events held at different intervals this same year. But this categorically stands out from the fun fairs and entertainment shenanigans Bauchi has gotten used to this past year.

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