Seeing the typical Hausa man folding his arms and sitting back, not participating in this digital age is infuriating to say the least

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The clothing industry is one of the industries that thrive in the business world, it does well because getting clothed is part of the primary needs of survival, besides feeding and shelter. People will always wear clothes, it is a demand that won’t slow down anytime soon. Along with regular clothes people wear accessories such as caps, wristbands, gele and so on for fashion or to serve a purpose like fastening clothes like the way belts or cufflinks do.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 13:26

Young Emirates Launches Today

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Finally, The Official Young Emirates Site has been launched today Friday, 23th of April 2018. The website features a blog that strives to bring useful and practical ideas for creatives made up of writers, designers, entrepreneurs, photographers and lots of others to help build

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Friday, 20 April 2018 07:58

A Brief History Of Northern Nigeria Featured

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A nation with the most promisingly interesting history in the whole of Africa is of course Nigeria. Why and how, it got its reputation? We want to find out.

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Prior to launching my website I was really low on funds, and had to micro-manage my last few bucks if I wanted for it to come to live.

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 Many people are impressed when they hear the daring exploits of others following their passion to create their dream jobs, making buck load of cash in the process. Well I have to say, lucky for them. Realistically some of your passions cannot be monetized

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