Somewhere around the middle of last year which was around the same time I started Instagram I followed an Instagram profile, it was a photographer’s, I was drawn by his unique talent for capturing moments that share people’s stories and experiences, his photos have this angle that feels creative, out of the box and really

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Am pretty sure Dan Fodio is rolling in his grave, as we dance and take delight in really awfully produced Hausa tunes. Terrible beat choices, terrible video, terrible playback and lately coupled with some really agonising animation. Don’t even ask about the singing skills of the performers . . . terrible.

On the 30th of this month September, a big event is looming its head to Bauchi state. Big not in the sense that stadiums will have no where you could fit, but the ‘moving Bauchi and the entire northern sector of the country forward’ kind of big.

The state has had its fair share of business related events held at different intervals this same year. But this categorically stands out from the fun fairs and entertainment shenanigans Bauchi has gotten used to this past year.

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Why Nerds In Arewa Must Unite Featured

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So far so good, we have survived and still are surviving, grasping on the fringes of the technological advancements of this era. But that is not enough, we can do better than this, because we are talented and skilled and better than we give ourselves credit for.

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Seeing the typical Hausa man folding his arms and sitting back, not participating in this digital age is infuriating to say the least

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The clothing industry is one of the industries that thrive in the business world, it does well because getting clothed is part of the primary needs of survival, besides feeding and shelter. People will always wear clothes, it is a demand that won’t slow down anytime soon. Along with regular clothes people wear accessories such as caps, wristbands, gele and so on for fashion or to serve a purpose like fastening clothes like the way belts or cufflinks do.

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Now everyone’s convinced having an online presence be it on a website or on social media will have a huge impact on your business in a good way, but the conundrum begins when you find out you will need good content to lure customers to buy your stuff or in the least pay attention to it.

Content is what you write, pictures you post, videos you produce or other digital media you publish online

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