If you are interested in starting a small business in Nigeria, but don’t know what exactly, then rummaging online for ideas is your best bet. I have put together a ginormous list of 55 business ideas you can start in Arewa. 

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How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria

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A copy shop, popularly referred to as a business center or computer business center in Nigeria is a shop that provides basic office printing and photocopy services at the township it is located in, and starting a computer business center in Nigeria can provide those needs for a community and earn a person a lot of money. 

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How To Start Car Wash Business In Nigeria

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Starting a car wash business in Nigeria is a very good idea. There are millions of cars on Nigerian roads, most if not all of them need cleaning, and the majority of car owners are working-class citizens who barely have time to wash their cars, which is where the car wash business comes in.

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The other day I was at a friend’s house, we were doing some projects together. It was a video project and I was supplying the script, while I dictated the words he wrote them on his diary book, the huge corporate type diaries. Everything was going along fine until my name came up in the script.

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Early Saturday morning on the 31st of August, a meeting of bright young minds was held at Be Better Center Gudu-Abuja, which I was privileged to be a part of. The program, organized by The Bridge Project and headed by the industrious Omagbitse Barrow consisted of a training for 20 NYSC members. The objective was primarily to help train young people to transition from school life to work place, and to help us become thought-leaders in our societies. 

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It was Thursday afternoon, my favourite day of the week, when I received a call from my cousin Hamida telling me about some writing event that was about to go down.

It was a Talent Show for writers and naturally that peaked my interest.

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The Rise Of Tech Champions In Arewa

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It is a fascinating time we live in, where knowledge and data is growing at a tremendous rate. Yet, at the same time rife with wars, famine, poverty and other human actions that result in devastating consequences. While this is happening the world over, some had it worse than others, to be specific, the colonized countries suffer the most, our Arewa included. But interestingly, where some saw disasters, others saw instead an opportunity, an opportunity to grow, to adapt and to succeed as businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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